Welcome to Valuation Mavericks

Ontario’s Leading Non-Partisan Business Valuation Firm for Family Law & Corporate Litigation

Each Engagement is treated as a Joint Retainer, with truly independent, non-partisan and objective opinions of EBITDA and Sales multiples that are BLIND to who the paying client is and the opposing valuator’s conclusion.  Therefore, we never agree to split the difference.

Expedited Automated Report Generation and 100% Independently Calculated Valuation Multiples using the technology of  Valu8er .

Founded by a  Team of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) and Chartered Business Valuators (CBV).

Reports are GUARANTEED completed within 30 Days from receiving all Supporting Documents.  Our Mission is to complete engagements fast, honest and diligently so divorcing and litigating parties can move on with their lives as soon as possible

Where Notional Valuation Theory meets Open Market Reality

Valuation Mavericks combines old business valuation theory (i.e. the Build-Up methodology which is implicitly prone to Human Bias) with real life open market reality.  As a result, we do not arbitrarily play around with company specific risk to adjust multiples (as seen here), and instead, rely on the technology of Valu8er to independently suggest appropriate company specific risk and cash flow multiples

Only Estimate and Comprehensive Valuation Reports, & Going Beyond the Standards

Calculation level reports as per the CBV Standards require no corroboration.  Furthermore, the higher Estimate and Comprehensive Level Reports do not require valuators to include comparable transactions to corroborate suggested multiples.

At Valuation Mavericks, we only provide Estimate and Comprehensive Valuation Reports, but we take the extra step to include comparable transactions for every single engagement to enable to technology of Valu8er to provide completely independent suggested valuation multiples.